1 time Best Puppy In Show
2 times Best In Show

5 times winning FCI Group 6 (The Hound Group)
regularly highly placed in FCI Group 6


WORLDWINNER '09/'10/'11/'12


2 Times Qualified for FCI Champions Of Champions 2011 in Brussel

Time for new adventures

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Int show Utrecht

Yesterday Alinda was with the dogs on the Int show in Utrecht.

Mango with Meillion : Very promissing, Best puppy in breed

Faith, Mango and Andra photographed on the show in Utrecht

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008


We tell Mango that Andra (Meillion Nels lillanandra) was coming here this evening. So Mango was going to the beagles and tell them that he now want to play with them because when Andra was coming he want only play with Andra.

HEEEEEE boys I will play now!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Try to calling home!!

We think Mango had try to call to the UK or Sweden with Alinda her mobile phone. But he doesn't no how it works. When it not works Mango was very dissapoint. So he had destroy Alinda her mobile phone. When he was looking at television he try to switch television station. Again he don't now how it works. And what are you doing then.....Yes, DESTROY remote controle.

So now we are learning Mango reading two important words

Yes, Mango that's what you are some times.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mango's friends in the future

Kaysa and Theo invite Mister Mango to play at the farm !

Walk in the forest range at Schoonloo

Today I have made a walk in the forest range at Schoonloo. This is the forest near to our village. The colours of the trees are at this moment beautiful. There are also a lot of bracket fungus.

When I started the walk, the dogs were pulling on the line. Mango is very strong. He is stronger than two adult beagles.

Mango walks through every muddypool, we pass. Michael and Dylan walk around it.

There are not many people in the forest. We passed only two. One of this persons was sitting in the wood. She got a fright when Mango barked at her, he saw her in the shrubs.
Mango is very attentive in the wood. When things move he sees it, when things make noise he hears it.

What is that !! I hear something.

And I saw something.

There are a lot of animals in this forest. When I walk with the dogs they are always walking on the line.

I want to make a photo of the three boys, so I was looking for a pole. to put the dogs on. I fasten the lines on this pole. When I walked away from the dogs to find a position to make the photo, Mango was begining to bark. " He boss, don't forget me!!! "

When we were at the end of the walk, we saw the car. Mango was going to sit and it looked like he was tired.

By the car, I opend the back doors and before I could putt the dogs in it. I check them on ticks. When they sit in there benches. I started to drive home.

When we were back at home the dogs are going to sleep. They were very tired. At this moment I hear some noise down stairs. I think they woke up.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catch butterflies

Today it was again beatyfull weather. It was time to work in the garden. The dogs are walking around me. Mango was catching butterflies. And Michael and Dylan are sitting in the sun. When Mango was ready with catching butterflies he was going to play with Michael and Dylan.

Together with Dylan sitting in the sun.

He what's that there in the air.

It's flying around me.

He Dylan come with me. It's going to sit in the plant with te flowers.

I saw nothing Mango.

Look upwards there in the plant.!!

I try to catch them for you.(click on the photo and you can see the butterfly near Mango´s mouth'

The Polygonia c-album.

The Vanessa atalanta

I will look higher in the plant. Mayby there are sitting more.

Heeeee come back, don't fly away from me!!

New the butterflies are gone. Dylan I will play now with you.You must try to get the goose, oke ?

Come on Dylan catch him.

I'am not afraid of you.

I got him Mango, Now you must let him loose.

We can also play together with it.

NO you must catch me first.

I think the goose don't live anymore.

After the playing Mango was hungry. I try to eat you Dylan !!

When Dylan stop playing Mango was going to play alone with the goose.

Even Mango became tyred. When he walk into house he was going to sleep on his own basket.

Tomorrow they say the weather is also very good. We are going to make a wood walk with the hole pack.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mango in the field en wood.

After work today I was going into the field with the beagles. After diner, this evening, it was time to go into the field with Mango. When I call him, Mango was going to sit in front of the door. I think he knows wat we are going to do. We walk to the open field en Mango was very happy. He works alot with his nose. When he smell somthing his head is going into the air.

He boss, I like this !

Running on full speed trough a ditch with water.

It's dark in the wood.

We pass a little animal park in the wood.

Where are you looking for Mango !!
Do you see something ??

O yes a fallow deer.

Not only one there are a lot of fallow deers.

Mango smells them en make some noise.

We walk again into the wood. And Mango runs through the mud.

When we are back on the open field, Mango looks around him if there are any animals.

He jumps into a dry ditch, and started to run.

Its funny to see how many pleasure Mango had when I work with him on the fields