1 time Best Puppy In Show
2 times Best In Show

5 times winning FCI Group 6 (The Hound Group)
regularly highly placed in FCI Group 6


WORLDWINNER '09/'10/'11/'12


2 Times Qualified for FCI Champions Of Champions 2011 in Brussel

Time for new adventures

Friday, December 30, 2011

The last days of this year.

We are now in the last two days of 2011. The last week we had time to relax. After christmas we had a lovely time with the dogs at home, The most of the time they are sleeping because the weather was very bad. If you look to the way how Mango slept, its very funny to see.

Standing in 'his' chair

And sleeping in it.

Dylan:" Mango are you oke????"


A little boy under the christmas tree

And sleeping again.

Sleeping in his basket.

Making long ears.

Watching to the meat on the table.

two Angels??????

Today the weather was fine. So I took my camera with me when I go out with the dogs.

The Lord and  The King.

Hi Boss.......

Mango!!!! Your ears are flying.

 This was the last message of this year. We wish you all a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter are you coming????

Where is the winter this year. The last two years there was a lot of snow in Holland on this time. Now there is nothing only rain.

Look at this photo's. The same dog, at almost the same place, at the same day and month in another year. 2011 and 2010

Monday, December 19, 2011

A happy boy in the field

Yesterday it was nice weather here. I made again nice walks witht the dogs and make many photo's of them. It was a lovely morning for me and the boy's

The happy, crazy mr Mango

On full speed

Hare...... come out now.

Smell an other hare

Looking to the birds in the sky.

My friend.

Crazy mr M

Friday, December 16, 2011

The year 2011

We are now in the last part of the year 2011, so time to look back on a fantastic year for us and Mango. We have made a lot of walks, meet new friends. Mango was three times with us to the campsite, He became , German and French champion and for the third time World Winner. Now he is the most succesfull Hamilton Stovare all time in the show ring. a lot of people ask us for information about the Hamilton.

Enjoy our year 2011 in a birdflight.


It's winter in Holland, Mango played a lot with his friend Justin in the snow.

Mango his sun Sputnik became best puppy in breed over the year 2010 in the UK.
Mango became best showdog on our dogtrainingschool.

I made long walks with Mango through the woods.


Time is going very quick, Mango is celebrating his third birthday


Mango his Dutch championship cross was arrived.

The Lord is back in the show ring. After a injury we had give him a lot of rest. The int, show in Groningen was Mango his first show after 4 months. He was back, 1 Excellent, BOB and Groningen Winner, the first title of the new year.

Alinda was going to the UK, to visit the crufts, I made lovely walks with Mango.

At the end of the month we travel to Luxembourg. Mango dit it great he won the Luxembourg Championship title and was selected by the last 6 dogs of FCI group 6.


I made an own agillity course for the dogs. Mango was their trainer.

I was renovating the garden. The dogs are helping me.

29 april was it three years ago that a little Swedisch boy landed on Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.


We travel to Dortmund for the show. Mango won the title Europa Sieger 2011.

With all the dogs we are going to the beagle walking weekend from the dutch beagleclub.We had a great weekend.

I made an own mini coursing for the dogs. Mango likes it.


There are some sunny days in june, Mango and his friends love it.

We put a tent in the garden with balls, Mango like to play between the balls.

We visit Petra, Leo and the beagles. On the field the dogs can play and run. and eeeeeeeehm swim.


We travel to France, to the World dogshow. Mango and Michael are with us. We stay on a campsite 20 minutes from Paris. The nature was there beatyfull.

On the worddogshow Mango did it great. Two times Best of Breed, French Champion and for the third time World Winner.

Back home, I made a lot of walks with Mango and his little friend Justin.


And then it was time to go to the UK, for the houndshow. We take all the dogs ,except old Jayson, with us. We had a great time in Wales.
Mango played a lot with his sun Meillion I Want It All, Aka Sputnik.

We spend our holiday in Holland. Two weeks on a campsite on the veluwe. Every day we make long walks with al the boys.


The European dogshow is this year in Holland. Mango did it fantastic, Best Of Breed and European Dogshow Winner 2011.
After the show Mango became very ill. With some days he was healthy again

The weather is very nice. Mango and friends love to play and sleep in the garden

Mango and I made long walks in the evening and have a lot of fun together.


We went to Dortmund again. Mango wins the Bundessieger 2011 title and is now also German champion

I made a nice painting of a photo of the Lord


We visit friends of us in Zevenhuizen. The dogs are going with us and we made a nice walk. Mango meet a new friend, a little beagle puppy, Benji.

The FCI is celebrating 100 years. During the past year on a number of shows you could earn a qualification for the special show, Champion of Champions. Mango has qualified two times for this show. We stayed in a hotel and had a lovely time.

The winter begins, Mango likes it.

And his funy way of sleeping

The last show of this year for Mango in Holland is the Winner show in Amsterdam. And again he did it great. Best Of Breed and Winner 2011.


Alinda give me for my birthday a photocourse with a profesional photoshoot for Mango. The photo's are fantastic

We travel to the UK for the LKA show. the last show of this year. A day before the show Mango and Michael are in a fight. Michael bit Mango in his feet, so the lord had a sore elbow and was limping, due to it,when he was in the ring.

We meet the granddaugthers of Mango.

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and wonderfull 2012

The new year is coming and we can look back to a fantastic year for us and Mango. I hope you all have loved the news I put on this blog about this special boy,Ch (Buvakullens) Mango With Meillion, the Legend.

If you want to see the year 2011 of our beagles ,
click here
Tjeerd, Alinda
Jayson,Michael,Dylan,Mango and Justin