1 time Best Puppy In Show
2 times Best In Show

5 times winning FCI Group 6 (The Hound Group)
regularly highly placed in FCI Group 6


WORLDWINNER '09/'10/'11/'12


2 Times Qualified for FCI Champions Of Champions 2011 in Brussel

Time for new adventures

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

More fun in the snow

There is now a lot of snow in Holland. A lot of people do not like it. But I and the dogs Love it. Mango played a lot in the snow with the beagles and we made long walks through the fields.

No Mango, Don't eat it.

The fantastic Mr Mango.

Playing with the beagles

And play with good old Jayson. Last week Jayson was ill but now he is better again and played again alot with the young boys.

In the fields Mango is a black boy in a white world

Always a happy smile on his face.

Mr Mango and the winter sun.

My friend

Running with a smile on his face

There is coming more snow in Holland so I think that this are not the last pictures from Mango in the snow.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The year 2010

We are now in the last weeks of 2010. So it's time to look back on the year 2010. A great year for us and the dogs. Mango wins again the World Winner title and also more good show results. Two times Best In Show and several times short listed in group 6. We have made long walks with mango and the beagles. Mango meets new friends and we get a new beagle puppy in our pack. We have visited Pam, here family and the Meillion hounds two times this year. Here a look back over 2010. I hope you like it.


We start 2010 in Wijdenes. Mango had a lot of fun with Faith and the Muskoka Dream beagles.

On the showtrainingschool was a competition for the best show dog of the year 2009. Mango became second best dog of the trainingschool

The whole month its winter in Holland. Mango played a lot in the snow.


On 14 February Mango wins Best In Show at the show in Emmen.

Two day's later we were cellabrating Mango his second birthday.


In March we travel to the UK. We visit Pam and the Crufts. We had a lovely time in Wales. On the Crufts Mango became 3d in his class. His son Sputnik wins Best Puppy in Breed, the title wich Mango won last year.

Mango and his son Sputnik

We had great day´s in Wales

Back in Holland I starting agillity training with Mango. Mango likes it.


I made more things for the agillity course. A catwalk. When it is ready I tried to learn Mango to walk over it. First I walk next to him.

He looked how the beagles did it.

And then he did it by himself

On the easter show in Leeuwarden on 5th of April. Mango was handled by Lindsay Horenga in the junior handling. They won the 2nd place

Mango and I made long walks through the fields

After the long winter there is a lot to do, preparing the garden. Mango and the beagles were helping me.

On 24 April we traveled to the international show in Lingen (Germany) Mango wins here the third place in group 6


On 8 may we are on the international show in Dortmund(Germany) Mango wins the title Europa Sieger 2010

On 23 may Mango is old enough for the official Dutch champion title.In the juniorhandling he is winning together with Rebecca Kerkmeester a fantastic third place.

The garden is ready again.

Oke boy's you can play again in the garden.

Our new beaglepuppy Justin is coming. Mango likes that little boy. He plays very carefully with Justin.


With some people from the dutch internetforum Beaglepraat. We have made a walk on the dutch island Schiermonnikoog. Mango had a lot of fun and made a lot of new friends

We travel to Herning(Denmark) for the worlddog show. Mango did it great. He wins for the second time the World Winner titel. We had a lovely time in Denmark.


World Winner 2010


There was a show in Hoogeveen, normaly Alinda is handling Mango in the show ring but this time she had an exam off here course. So I went to the show with the beagles and Mango. At the end of the day Mango became Best In Show.

The summer was hot, very hot. We put a swimming pool in the garden for the dogs

Little Bo was for three weeks with us. Bo is a also a little puppy. Mango played a lot with both puppies


For the second time this year we went to the UK. Gabrielle Veenstra was with us, also Mango and two beagles. We have enjoyed our time in Wales. On the Hound show, in Stafford, Mango became second in his class. Theo the other dog of Pam won this class. Mango was also the best new commer over the year 2009.

We had a lovely time

Best new commer over the year 2009.

Mango between the other hamiltons in his class.

Theo and Mango 1 and 2

Sputnik and Mango.

Mango between his Meillion Hamilton friends in the UK.

And we made more walks


There was a big beagle walk in Roden. We take al our boys with us, and also one of Mango's best friends Suzanne. It was a nice walk and we had a lot of fun.

With Mango I made long walks in the woods.

At the end of september was the international dogshow in Maastricht. In the juniorhandling Mango was handled by Rebecca Kermeester. The became 2nd.


When we walk in the fields Mango is a crazy boy. Always happy and jumping.

On 15th of Oktober we are again in Dortmund. Mango wins the title BundesSieger 2010. He is also placed by the last seven dogs of group 6

On 23d oktober was the international dogshow in Utrecht. Mango became here 4th in group 6. With Rebecca Kerkmeester he went in the junior handling and they became the 4 th place

4th in group 6.

and 4th in the junior handling


There are some nice day's in the begin of November. The sun was shinning a lot and the colours in the woods are beautyfull. I made some nice photo's of the dogs in the autumn woods

At the end of November we were going to the show in Groningen. Mango became here 4th Best in show , Handled through Lindsay Horenga.


The winter is early this year. Cold and snow are the first weeks of December. Mango the Swedisch boy like it. He played a lot in the snow.

So we are now on the end of 2010. I hope that you have enjoy your visits on this blogs to read about the adventures of a very special hamilton. Listening to the name Mango. We have seen him grow up from a little puppy to that fantastic boy he is now. We hope that next year is also a great year.

We wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010.

Tjeerd, Alinda, The beagles and Mr Mango