1 time Best Puppy In Show
2 times Best In Show

5 times winning FCI Group 6 (The Hound Group)
regularly highly placed in FCI Group 6


WORLDWINNER '09/'10/'11/'12


2 Times Qualified for FCI Champions Of Champions 2011 in Brussel

Time for new adventures

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Playing with little Justin

This evening Mango and justin are playing together inn the garden. Mango is so sweet when he play with little Justin.

Justin I will play with you.


Grrrrr. Mango I'am the boss...

Look at my you Swedisch boy, I'am the crazy beagle.

I'am going to catch you.

They had a lot of fun. But at one moment it was over.  No Justin not you but I'am the boss!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Walking with Mango and Justin.

This evening I had made a long walk with Mango and Justin in the fields. It was lovely weather. The dogs had a great time. Running, playing and swimming.

What do you smell there???


And running....


Hello boss.........

The boy's had alot of fun.

What's that???

Mangooooooooo , where are you???????????????????????????????

Two little boy's in a big world

Mango likes water.

Helpppp, I see nothing.

Pfffff, who my????

Hamilton rabbit

A very happy Hamilton.

It was a nice walk for me and the boy's

Thursday, July 14, 2011

World dogshow Paris

We are back from the World Dog Show 2011 in Paris. Left Thursday and came home on monday. And what we did was successful. Our Swedish boy has do it again. For the third consecutive time he became world champion. Michael also did well and was two times Excellent. Here is a detailed report of our four-day trip to France.

 Day 1,

For some time there was a red circle on the calendar around 10 and July 11, The World dogshow in Paris. We had Michael and Mango registered. We want to try to win Mango's third World Winner title . Thursday morning we took Dylan, Justin and Jayson to address their nanny charged. Last things packed and we started our French adventure. We had booked a campsite at 45 minutes away from Paris. According to our TomTom it was a journey of nearly six hours to wait. We drive very fast, and after two hours we are near Breda, and we're still just across the border into Belgium. The weather is good and we enjoy the ride. Mango and Michael are fast asleep in the back of the car. Some where in Belgium, we take a  break, stretch your legs and the dogs can also get out. We are making good progress. After the stop we drive again. .Bij crossing the border of France, the TomTom say that we have two hours ahead of us. It is busier on the road and we see many Dutch license plates. We arrive at a number of toll roads, ranging from 0.80 cents to  15 euros but we are constantly driving. We leave the highway and follow the signs to Saint Leu d'Esserent. Here  was are our campsite. Signs indicate the right path and we are in an oasis of tranquility. The site is in an old quarry surrounded by nature. Check in and we were allowed to pick a place on the site. The tent  stand quickly and after a few cups of coffee I go to walk around the campsite. Alinda remains with the tent, and plunges into her book.

 The tent is, we had placed a tarp for the tent. Both for us and the dogs gave it a nice spot with shade.

The bottom of the old quarry was far lime. This is perfect for the helleborine. We stood with our tent also amidst the orchids. Unfortunately they had already finished flowering.

Mango and Michael, in the background, are waiting for things to come.

The surroundings of the camp was full of butterfly bushes

Nature was beautiful here, I've seen a plant that you rarely see us.

France and the WW2. Except for the landing in Normandy is in France during the war fought more. Throughout the countryside you'll still remains disappointing. This bunker was near the campsite. At the entrance to another old mine, maybee a strategic point.

I climbed the hills and saw many remnants from the past. Here an air shaft of the mine.

Tongue Ferns, a rarity with us, here they are like weeds.

The old access path to the mine.

The entrance to the mine. Ideal for bats.

I follow my path and come from a large piece of stone. This is a block that comes from the old quarry.

Blue sky, poppies and corn fields.

Corn fields far as the eye could see.


The mistletoe,

The campsite had a lot of beautiful places.

One of the entrances to the campsite.

When I came back to the tent , all was in a deep sleep.

Ha boss you'r back again.

We will have a snack, walk a lot with the dogs and go to bed early. We're pretty tired.

 Day 2,

We walk a bit through the neighborhood and decide the route to Paris already agreed to drive. This gave us an estimate of the time. We came through Chantilly, here we looked our eyes out. France is famous for its castles and estates, indeed, what we saw was dazzling. All sides were so-called sight lines through the forest up to two kilometers. Here once lived a very influential person.

This complex belongs to the racetrack. The cobblestones  lay higgledy-piggledy over reason.

In each village was a reminder memorial of WW1 and WW2

The church of Saint Leu d'Esserent

Mango was ready. He sat comfortably in his skin and radiated from all sides.

We ride into Paris and are surprised that there are no signs hanging from the World Dog Show, very strange. They had a fantastic logo, but they did not advertise. Now we knew what we had to drive and how long we needed we could create a schedule for the next day. In the tent we find the final preparations, Dog grooming, packing bags and prepare for the next day.

 Day 3

 Our first show day, not the World dog show, but the French championships. We drive fast towards Paris and park at the show halls. Cars from many different countries  are there . And we fall directly on the amount of dog shit. Everywhere it was, nothing was removed. You had to be very careful where you put your foot down because before you knew you had a brown boy on your shoe. Before the halls inmogen the dogs checked for chip and passport number. Everything is okay and we're looking for our ring. Fortunately, the ring for Michael and Mango are close together. We put our stuff and waiting begins.

Michael in the ring between the other beagles


The beagles were very diverse, Michael and Alinda are here second from right.

We soon found out that we have to make no illusions  the performances in France is even more corrupt than in Holland. For Mango came time to show even closer. Here he is having fun with Alinda,

Michael and Mango as attentive spectators along the ring.

Mango,  in the ring.

 1  Excellent and Best Male. Also his first point for a possible French championship.

 Best of Breed,  Mango with Mango Meillion.

Michael with Louise Kerkmeester in junior handling.

At the end of the day is the honorary race inspection for Group 6. Mango and Alinda enter the main ring but they were not placed. 1.2, 3 were French breeds.

With mixed feelings we went back to the campsite, Happy with the results of Mango but dissatisfied with the conduct of the examination of the beagles.

Day 3,

D - Day. Today was the day.  The World Dogshow 2011 for Mango and Michael. Would it succeed, Would Mango for the third consecutive World Winner be. We were confident but you never do know for sure.

The logo of the World Dog Show 2011,

(Pack) hunting is important in France. There were also many different packs available. A fantastic sight.

The beagles in the ring. Amaze the day would be even greater than the day before. Michael received an Excellent but again he was not selected. Even Ayers Rock From Elly's Pack, currently perhaps the best beagle dog in the show world was not placed. If you saw where the judge chose it. Shame, it was a big joke.

Michael in the ring.

Then was it time for Mango..

Mango's character has many hearts melt, and once again the judge was impressed by the happiness of the dog.
Along the Ringstrasse we already had a lot of attention for Mango, even people from Sweden, the homeland of the race, praised Mango.

And yes it was successful. Mango was again 1 Excellent, Best of Breed and a point for the French championship. But more important was. WORLD WINNER 2011.  After Bratislava 2009,  Herning 2010, now  Parijs2011.

At the end of the day again back to the  main ring

Earlier in the day we had seen the judge of the group seen drinking champagne fun with other exhibitors from breed group 6, then you already know enough.

1,2,3, were again the French breeds.

This was the end of the World winner show for us.  Happy with Mango
his title. But it was a very bad organisatit show, No cup, no Banner, not even a diploma. No, in that respect it was a very bad show. Dirty , poorly organized, corrupt. Refusing to speak English.

At the campsite the men both get a big piece of bread, that they deserve it.

Day 4.

 Monday, we pack our stuff and drive back home. There was  come  an end of  four days  France, four days of fun but a lot of embarrassing moments. After 6 hours we drive home safely. We pick up the dogs and are complete again. ...... a time Show in France never again!