1 time Best Puppy In Show
2 times Best In Show

5 times winning FCI Group 6 (The Hound Group)
regularly highly placed in FCI Group 6


WORLDWINNER '09/'10/'11/'12


2 Times Qualified for FCI Champions Of Champions 2011 in Brussel

Time for new adventures

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Mango's christmas 2020

 Christmas this year was different than usual. No socializing with friends and their dogs. These days I went out alone with the dogs. Delicious together with Mango through the forest and field.

 I don't often run free with Mango

After his two attacks, Mango has suddenly grown old quickly

Doesn't run that fast anymore. And trusts his eyes less.

Big eyes and you notice less confidence in everything.

But we enjoyed together. And that was the most important.

Yesterday we went out together again. As if Mango had heard me say he was getting old. The old Mango was back. Run, jump and act crazy.

Easter bunny at Christmas

I' am coming boss.

Happy boy.

Jump over a ditch. He hadn't done that for a long time.

And again.

It was a wonderful walk again.

Today storm and a lot of rain here. So we only stay inside for a day by the stove.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Mango in 2020

The year 2020, a very different year than usual. Until March there was nothing wrong. But then suddenly there was Corona. By all measures there were no shows, competitions or fun events. Our holiday to Denmark was also canceled. At home we enjoyed ourselves with the dogs. Lots of walking together with the rest or alone with Mango. Here's a look back at Mango's year 2020.


I walked a lot with Mango on his own

Happy old boy.

Almost 12, but still the strength of a young male.

A great chat with our youngest beagle, James. Yes Mango, I'll be listening next time


The month starts with a storm. While walking, the ears blow in all directions

Mango is celebrating its 12th birthday. Where have the years gone.

Live like a true lord.

We visit Petra and Leo. Mango is introduced to puppy Judy


Together we walk many kilometers again. After all, being together in nature is the most beautiful thing there is

Mango and the woods. Still a great combination.

Swedish cow?

On guard together. Where are the hares and pheasants

We go to therapy with Mango. He has complete fysical therapy treatment a few times a year.

Alinda has also gone to Crufts this year. There she receives the posthumous prize for Mango his son Sputnick. Best stud dog in breed for the 6th year in a row.

And then suddenly there was Corona. We entered an uncertain time. All events were canceled. The only thing we were allowed  was to walk. I work from home for a few days. And go out with the dogs even more often

Delicious. The mud behind his ears.

 The forest is right next door here. We're there in five minutes.

VertaalresultatenThe cherry is blooming. Last year for me a sign of hope with Michael's illness. Hopefully now a sign of hope that we will get rid of Corona soon

The cherry is blooming

The cherry is blooming

The cherry tree is blooming.

Nice man, still

Our pride. The Seven Men of Bork

Enjoying the sun with James

Help for the older dog. This way you can see the hares from a distance

The first weeks Mango found James too busy. Now that James is getting older, both men are close friends.

Evening walk in the evening sun


Warm weather. Relax in the garden

Beautiful old man, our pride

Happy boy

The Lord and friends in the garden

For weeks the weather is nice. Nature is beautiful

One day comes to an end, the evening falls

Hello boss, what are you doing in that dry ditch

Evening happiness

Mango has been part of our life for 12 years. I take my buddy for a nice walk together

From puppy to beautiful veteran 12 years with us. We have been through so much together, seen all of Europe together.


Walking along water is a challenge. Mango prefers to go into the water

Old wise man, there are more and more gray hair.

Old ? Who? I? No, I still invite the young onces for a game

Elwood, Mango his friend from the first moment Elwood came into the house

We participate in an online photoshow. Mango wins. A few weeks later, his prize comes a bottle of nutritional sublimates

Between the hawthorn

Lifeguard without beach.

Okay Mango, Thanks

We go to Mango's friend Hans. Hans lives in the south of the Netherlands but is now here in the north of the Netherlands at the campsite, far away from all the corona misery in the south.

Evening walk with Elwood. The sun and sky create a beautiful picture

And out together again.

Mango with his beagle buddies in the garden

Friends, as I said before, now that James is getting older, he is close friends with Mango

Enjoying the forest  together

And all in the garden again

Mango and Odin, the guys from the North, Sweden and Denmark


We have another heat wave. A rain cannon on the land provides cooling

Does it fit Mango? There is enough space in the house.

Relax in the garden

Who do we see behind the hedge?


Our beagle event is also canceled. Still we go to the campsite for a week. Mango and Judy see each other again


We celebrate our summer vacation at home. Our trip to Denmark is canceled. I take a lot of group photos of the dogs



Going out with Donald and Elwood.

Bunk bed

The famous Seven.

The sun is setting

The Muskoka dreams ladies come to stay. Mango goes for a walk with his old-time racing girlfriend, Djane

In their younger years. The racers on the minicoursing

Mango along with Elwood and Elwood's sister Djanis. James's mother

A big happy family. The Muskoka ladies and our men.

And when the ladies return home, Mango enjoys his own group again.

And again we go to the forest together.

Our friends Joris and Nicole are coming to stay. Their beagles come along too, Herman and Hugo friends of our men. We go for a walk with part of the group.

Mango and Donald

On the heath with Donald, Herman and Hugo

Before the friends go home again a picture of them all. The bench is getting too small

Mango his own group. This year the group has become closer.


It remains wonderful how the men always want to be in their picture

Walking with James and Elwood. The forest was their domain again

A rainy Sunday, it doesn't matter to Mango. He loves it.

I smell what, is it a hare? is it a pheasant?

A busy day in the garden for me. But before I can do anything I first have to take a picture of the men together on the garden bench

Suddenly Alinda calls me. Mango can no longer stand on his legs. Does not get up again. We rushed to the vet. Mango has had a mild brain haemorrhage

That night I sleep on the couch in the room. Mango snuggles up against me. He feels safest there

The next morning Mango has gotten a bit better. We take a short walk, his eyes are still big.

The rest of the group notices that something is wrong with Mango and  support  him.

Every day it gets a little better

After a week we walked another bigger round

Everyone else is happy that Mango is better again

Michael, our oldest beagle needs an operation. He needs anesthesia. I'm afraid. I'll take another picture of all seven, you never know.

Michael's surgery went well. In the evening Mango gets another attack. The second within two weeks. I sit down with him and he snuggles up against me. After an hour the strength returns to his legs and he can stand and walk again. According to the vet this was a vestibular syndrome, Mango also had this 2 years ago.

Fortunately, Mango recovered quickly from this as well. A day later he is happy again..

We slowly rebuild our walks

His smile is back

The walks are getting longer again, we enjoy it.


We are heading for winter. The leaves change color. The dogs color beautifully in nature. I'm going out with Mango, James and Elwood

The old Mango is back


Another walk, together with Elwood

In mind

Friends from day 1, now both gray

8 years ago, their first meeting

A rainbow between them

And a walk with Mango's other friend Donald

Closed eyes and flying ears


Nice contrast. Mango his head with the blue sky.

On the last day of the month we visit Petra and Leo. The dogs are going to run on the large field.

Now we see that Mango has grown old after the two attacks. Running is not so fast and smooth anymore.

But still the proud champion.


The christmas tree is in house. All the dogs lay down around the tree

Walking with his friends Elwood en Donald

I send a photo of Mango to another virtual dogshow. He became second in the veteran dog class

And so we come just before Christmas. The year is almost over. A strange year. We hope that 2021 will be a better year. In which we can do what we did differently. 

We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a healthy 2021.

Stay healthy !
Tjeerd, Alinda
Mango, Michael,Dylan,Elwood,Odin,Donald and James