1 time Best Puppy In Show
2 times Best In Show

5 times winning FCI Group 6 (The Hound Group)
regularly highly placed in FCI Group 6


WORLDWINNER '09/'10/'11/'12


2 Times Qualified for FCI Champions Of Champions 2011 in Brussel

Time for new adventures

Monday, December 31, 2018

In memoriam Lucy

Yesterday we received the sad news of the death of a daughter of Mango
Lucy, she was 9 years and 7 months old.

Lucy, daughter of Mango from his first litter.
We have seen you as a puppy with your breeder in the South of England.
At the LKA in Birmingham in 2009 we saw you back in the show ring.
Through photos on facebook we saw you grow up to be a beautiful young lady. In a loving family.
You became ill 3 months ago. Unfortunately recovery was no longer possible and your owners had to let you go yesterday.
Dear Lucy ... Run free behind the rainbow bridge...... Rest in peace.
Jane and family, a lot of strength with the loss of your beloved Lucy.

We saw you together with your brothers and sisters for the first time

At your new home.
On the LKA with your great friend Gareth.

And in the ring with your boss Jane.

Nice young lady, you look a lot like your daddy Mango.


you grew into a beautiful lady, a faithfull friend in your family.


A Hamilton and snow, the perfect combination.

A photo from last november.
Goodbye Lucy, Run free behind the rainbow bridge. Rest softly you will be missed but never forgotten.
Jane and family, a lot of strength with the loss of Lucy, we think of you.
Alind, Tjeerd
Michael, Dylan,Elwood,Odin and Donald.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas with friends

Every year we celebrate Christmas with friends and their dogs.
This year even with 25 dogs.
Every year in a different place. This year with friends in Roden.
25 dogs, ages 8 weeks to 15 years and 8 months.
The puppies have a kennel at home, the other dogs play outside and inside
Mango in the garden between the beagles
Mango had a lot of fun with Pebbles, a young beagle lady.
And his other beagle friend Beaver.
He always plays so sweet with little ones.
With Michael.
After the coffee we go to the forest.
The puppies are sleeping in the house.
We have a nice walk and I take a picture of the 21 dogs with owners.
After the walk the pups go into the garden between the other dogs
Mango with the two males ,Max and Vidar
It was a beautiful Christmas day

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The year 2018

The year is almost over. We are going to look back to 2018. How did Mango experience 2018 . There was a lot of fun, walks and trips.
Mango became seriously ill. For the first time we were just realy worried.
Unfortunately, we again had to say goodbye to a good dog friend of Mango and us. 2018 is almost over. We are ready for 2019 . You to ? First have fun with Mango his look back at 2018


After Justin and Elwood is now little Donald a big friend of Mango. They play a lot together

 We got the sad news that Mango his girlfriend Fanouck suddenly died


 Mango and Fanouck in better times. Together in the water, they had  always a lot of fun together in the water with a ball.




 Goodbye Fanouck, Rest in peace, this is so unfair.
We went tho the forest of Grolloo with the boy's to make a long walk.

Mango and I make long walks together. Here we are in the forest of Schoonloo.

Big friends together.

Mango became ill. He could no longer stand on his feet. No control over his body.
We went to the vet with him.Vestibular Syndrom, was the cause of his symptoms.We were afraid to lose him.There is no medication for it. Now he has to rest for recovery.Slowly there was improvement. The recovery continues.
Mango recovered and we celebrate his 10th birthday
Always with Donald

Slowly the old Mango comes back again. He starts to run again.

Together with Elwood

Best friends in life.

We going to Petra, all the dogs are with us. Mango was running with a big smile on his face. We looked at it also with a smile. The old Lord is back.

Alinda goes to Crufts and receives the posthumous price for Mango his son Sputnick.
Walking with his puppy friends

Seaching for hare and pheasant

With his friends in the garden.

Walking alone with the boss.

With his friends Donald and Elwood


Relax in the garden

Loveley walks with Mango

We visit Petra. Mango had a lot of fun with puppy Fred.

It's a hunting dog.

It's ten years ago that Mango came to Holland and going to live with us for 6 month's……. but he is still here. My best friend. Monica, Hans Pam and Paul thanks for your trust in us to give Mango a fantastic life.

Summer is coming. Relax in the garden.

Playing with his puppy friends

Sleeping with Donald.

And in the evening when the temperatur is going down we made walks.


In garden and enjoy the sunny weather.

Relax and not a lot off action, its too hot .

We had a great weekend by Jan en Mathilda. With Elwood I had an a agility game. The rest of the pack was with us to support Elwood . Friends of us came also to support us. Beagle puppy Hugo was also with them. Here a photo of Mango, Donald and Hugo.

Fun in the garden by Jan and Mathilda

Always so sweet for puppy's


We went to the Muskoka beagle family day. Mango had a lot of fun.

We going for a week to the campsite.  Having fun with friends and on the saterday we have the Big Smile Beagle Event. With 60 beagles on a boat to the island Schiermonnikoog.

With little friend Hugo

On the boat

Ther are not a lot of other people who I trust to walk with Mango. Eric is one of the persons who I trust to walk with Mango.
Eric and Mango are big friends

Tired after a long walk on the Island

On the boat back .


And the other person who I trust to walk with Mango,Hans. Hans says goodbye to Mango when they go back home.
We go to the Ot and Sien walk in Roden.
 It was very hot. On the sportfields there were sprinklers. Mango and Eric had a lot of fun under the sprinklers.

Swimming with Elwood.

Two of our dogs like water. Mango and Elwood. Now whe have 4 who like it. The young boys Odin and Donald like it also

Waiting on the field when the bosses are eating inside.

Our summer holiday begins. Mango was happy. A lot  of time for having fun with the boy's
We went to Denmark. A week holiday with the dogs. A real dog holiday. Shows, agility competition, coursing and more fun with the dogs. We stay on a campsite near the coast on the Island of Funen.
Walking in the morning, every morning we made a walk near the coast
And in the evening.
There were two days with shows for the beagles. With Mango we did coursing. He had a lot of fun and was barking the whole time.

Swimming with the boss.
It was a fantastic week.
Bhodi, the dog of the neighbours is staying for a week in our pack. Bhodi and Mango walk a lot together.

After a week, Bhodi is going back to his own home.

Walking with the boss.

Relax in the garden

Visit of friends of us with there beagles.

Sleeping on the sofa with his friends.

A new member of the pack. Jip, A beagle girl is coming to live with us for a couple of weeks. Mango likes the lady in the house.

Proud to have this in our garden.


I made long walks with Mango  and Elwood .

Happy Mango

In the fields.

Fantastic news from the Uk
New Hamilton puppy's were born. Its the fifth generation.
Mango, Fanta, Sandy, Gunner and now the new born puppy's Mango his great, great grand childeren. One is coming to live in Holland.  
With Elwood in the forest

Living like a real Lord.

Ater ten year it's time for a new van. We have travelled through the whole of Europe. He brought us to all the showgrounds with  the succes of Mango in the ring. But now it's time for a new one.
Sad news from Sweden.
 Mango his breeder in Sweden past away. Monica, Rest in Peace. We thank you for your trust in us for being a good home for Mango. Hans a lot of strength the coming time .
We going to walk with Eric, Irene, Sammy and Hailey. Mango and Eric are together again.

 A nice sunday morning walk with Mango.

Still looking forward to the next chapter of his book, 2019 is coming.

And so we came to the end of 2019. We thank you all for follow Mango his adventures this year.
Mango is ready for 2019. We hope you also.A new year is coming, a new year with new adventures. You can follow Mango in 2019 on this blog or on the blog from his beaglefriends.
We still have one thing left.
We wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy New year.
Alinda, Tjeerd
Michael, Dylan,Elwood,Odin and Donald.