1 time Best Puppy In Show
2 times Best In Show

5 times winning FCI Group 6 (The Hound Group)
regularly highly placed in FCI Group 6


WORLDWINNER '09/'10/'11/'12


2 Times Qualified for FCI Champions Of Champions 2011 in Brussel

Time for new adventures

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Show results 2008/2012

Show results (Buvakullens) Mango with Meillion


1 Juni 2008 Clubmatch KC Assen: VP, Best baby in breed , 3d Baby in show.
15 juni 2008 Int.Show Hulten: VVP, Best baby in Breed
21 juni 2008 Brussels Dogshow: VP, Best baby in Breed

16 August 2008 Clubmatch KC Hoogeveen: VP, Best puppy in breed, Best puppy in show.
20 August 2008 Int Show Rotterdam: VP, Best puppy in breed
14 September 2008 Int Show Zwolle: VP , Best puppy in breed
28 September 2008 Int Show Maastricht: VP, Best puppy in breed
4 October 2008 Clubmatch KC Sneek: VP, Best puppy in breed and 4th best puppy in show.
19 October 2008 Int Show Dortmund: VP, Best puppy in breed
25 October 2008 Int Show Utrecht: VP , Best puppy in breed
1 November 2008 Int show Bleiswijk: VP, Best puppy in breed

Junior class:
30 November 2008 Int show Amsterdam: 1 Exellent, Best dog, Junior Winner, Winner, and R,BOB (2x CAC)
22 December 2008 Int show Wychen: 1 Exellent , Best Dog (CAC)


7 February 2009 Int show Eindhoven: 1 Exellent, Best Dog (CAC)
Mango wins the title, DUTCH JUNIOR CHAMPION.
15 February 2009 Int show Fredericia (DK): 1 Excellent BOB 4th in the group.
5 March 2009 Crufts Birmingham: 1 Special junior class and BEST PUPPY IN BREED
13 April 2009 Int show Leeuwarden: 1 Excellent, BOB, BIG, 9th BIS
3 May 2009 Europasieger/Zuchtschau Dortmund:1 Excellent,BOB "'Europa Jugendsieger 2009"
31 May 2009 Arnhem: 1 Excellent
1 August 2009 Hound Show Stafford: 1 Excellent , Reserve Best Dog
19 September 2009 Brondby (DK): 1 Excellent, BOB
20 September 2009 Brondby (DK): 1 Excellent, BOB, Kopenhage Winner 2009, DANISCH CHAMPION !!
4th in the Group
10 October 2009 Bratislava (SK): 1 Excellent WORLDWINNER 2009 !!!
11 October 2009 Bratislave (SK): 1 Excellent. BOB. SLOWAKIAN CHAMPION!!!. 3th in Group 6
29 November 2009 Amsterdam: 1 Excellent, WINNER' 09
13 December 2009 LKA show Birmingham : 1 Excellent, Best dog, BEST OF BREED


5 Februari, Eindhoven: 1 Excellent, BOB
14 Februari, Emmen: 1 Excellent,BOB, BIG, BIS
12 March, Birmingham: 3 Excellent
20 March, Leiden: 1 Excellent, BOB
5 April, Leeuwarden: 1 Excellent, BOB
24 April, Lingen (Germany): 1 Excellent, BOB, VDH, 3BIG
8 May Dortmund (Germany): 1 Excellent, BOB, EUROPA SIEGER 2010
23 May Arnhem: 1 Excellent, BOB, DUTCH CHAMPION
5 Juni Hoenderloo: 1 Excellent, Best dog
25 Juni Herning :1 Excellent, Best dog, WORLD WINNER 2010
3 Juli Hoogeveen: 1 Excellent, BOB, BIG, BIS 7 August Stafford (UK): 2 Excellent.Best Newcommer over the year 2009.
28 August Rotterdam : 1 Excellent, BOB
26 September Maastricht : 1 Excellent BOB
10 October 2010 Zwolle : 1 Excellent BOB
15 October 2010 Dortmund (Germany): 1 Excellent, BOB,BUNDESSIEGER 2010
23 October 2010 Utrecht: 1 Excellent BOB and 4 BIG
21 November 2010 Groningen: 1 Excellent, BOB, BIG, 4 BIS


5 march Groningen: 1 Excl, BOB, GRONINGEN WINNER 2011.
27 march Luxembourg: 1 Excl, BOB, LUXEMBOURG CHAMPION
6 mai Dortmund: 1 Excl,BOB, EUROPASIEGER 2011
7 mai Dortmund: 1 Excl
9 Juli Paris: 1 Excellent, BOB.
10 Juli Paris: 1 Excellent, BOB, WORLD WINNER 2011, FRENCH CHAMPION
2 Sept Leeuwarden: 1Excellent, BOB, FCI EUROPEAN DOGSHOW WINNER

16 Oct, Dortmund: 1 Excellent, BOB,BUNDESSIEGER 2011, GERMAN CHAMPION!
27 nov, Amsterdam: 1 Excellent, BOB, WINNER 2011
2 times Qualified for FCI Champions Of Champions 2011

4 march  Groningen: 1 Excl, BOB, 1BIG
11 march Birmingham Crufts: 4
29 april Lingen(Germany): 1 Excl,BOB, 4BIG
19 mai Anif(Oostenrijk): 1 Excl,BOB,WORLD CLUBWINNER 201220 mai Salzburg(Oostenrijk): 1 Excl, WORLD WINNER 2012
25 november Amsterdam: 1Excl, WINNER 2012

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

And again we lived in a white world. Last night there was falling snow. This morning I made first a walk with Mango. Mango was running, jumping and sniff around. There are goose in the air, hare in the field and also some partridge.

I hear something!!

Running boy.

I smell hare, but he is not here.

Mmmmm, Last week there was running a hare, but now there is nothing.

Mango was looking around .

And standing still to hear and look to the goose.

Mango is listening good. When we say sit Mango is going to sit.

Come Mango we are going home to the beagles.

A jump over the ditch and we are back in to the village.
I bring Mango back home and started to walk with the beagleboy's.

When I had walk with the beagles I came into the house and was thinking that the dogs are now tired. But no. Mango, Dylan and Michael are sitting infront of the gardendoor. The will started to play in the garden.

Catch me if you can!!!!

Michael I catch you!!

Mago was very happy.

I was throw a snowball and Mango was trying to catch.

Yes Mango, big boy you catch the snowball.

After all that play they became tired. When the are back into home the beagles are going to sleep. Mango was going to sit on the sofa near good old Jayson.

The dogs and the boss have had a lovely day.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The winter is coming back

Last week the winter was gone. But now it looks he is coming back. I had made a walk whith Mango through the fields and forrest. It was a lovely time for me and my friend.

The winter is coming back.

Here is Mango walking on a sandy path through the wood.

But after a few minutes we leave the path and walk through the wood. This is more intresting for Mango. A lot of smell are crossing our way.

Come boss, You must follow me.

My big friend. Mango is a fantastic boy.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The year 2009

We are now in the last week of the year 2009. So it's time to look back on a special year for us and Mango. We have made long walks with Mango through the fields and woods. He makes alot of miles next to the bike and he has made a lot of new friends. Playing with the beagleboys, the childeren of the neighbours. It was a fantastic year.


It was a hard time for us. At the age of almost 14 years our oldest beagle Kevin died. We miss you, big boy! May you rest in peace.

In the same week we organised the beaglewalk for the Beagleclub of Holland. It was a hard day for us to walk here without Kevin . Mango had a good time with all his new beaglefriends.


Mango wins his Dutch juniorchampionship. Now he is ready to go to Pam and here family in the UK.
Before we went to england, Alinda was going with Petra, Faith and Mango to Denmark. Here the Lord wins his first point for the Danishchampionship and also was placed 4th in the group.

The time was going very quickly. Mango cellabrated his first birthday.


It was time to say goodbye. We were traveling to the Uk. The Crufts should be the last show that Alinda handles Mango. After the Crufts, Mango should start his live in the Uk.
It was a big surprise when Pam asked us to become co- owner of Mango. The Lord is going to live with us and sometimes in the Uk. We are very happy with this!!

At Crufts Mango wins Best puppy in Breed.

We had a fantastic time in Wales.

When we went home, Mango stays another two weeks in Wales for a mating. After 2 weeks we went back to the Uk to pick up our big boy.


At the show in Leeuwarden Alinda and Mango are winning group 6 and became 9th best in show. With an entry of more than 2000 dogs. We are very proud. Some dogowners are very jealous and are upset that they loose from The Lord.

We are having some problems with the website. I couldn't update for a long time.

The hole year trough Mango's biggest friends Ruben and Suzanne are coming to play with The Lord. The children love Mango and Mango loves the childeren.


We visit the Gamefair. This was a hunting fair. We have promoted the Hamilton breed in Holland. A lot of people loved Mango and Faith.


We spend our Holiday in Wales. Sadly it was not possible to go to Sweden. Mango's blood test was not good enough to go to Sweden. We hope that we can go next Year. Now we have traveled for two weeks through England and Wales. Mango and Michael are with us. It was a fantastic time.

We have also visited Mango's puppies.


We visit Pam again and went to the hound show in Stafford. Here was also the championship of the Hamilton club of Great Britain. Mango wins reserve best dog. Best dog was Pam's top dog Theo.

We stayed here for some days and have had a lovely time with friends and Pam and her family.

On the beaglewalk with the name Ot en Sien Mango has made some new friends. He is also trying his new hobby, swimming.

At the end of August we visit Petra and Leo. Faith and Mango are swimming together in the Markermeer.


We visit Denmark again. Mango, Michael and Dylan are with us. In this weekend Mango wins his Danisch championship and also the Kopenhage winner title. In the group he was placed 4th.


The World dog show in Bratislava. This must be the greatest price of this year. We went to Slowakia with Petra, Piet and Tineke, four beagles and two Hamiltons. It was a fantastic time. Mango and Faith both gained the World Winner title 2009. The result of good work. We are all proud of this title!! In the circuit show, the next day, Mango was BOB and 3d in group . He also gained his Slowakian Championship.


The beach is now open for dogs. So we travel to the coastline of Holland. The dogs have had a lovely day on the beach.They are running and playing and have had a lot of fun.

At the end of November Pam and Jose came over to Holland. To visit us and the Winner show in Amsterdam. We have had a lovely time. On the show Mango wins the title Winner 2009.


The last show of this year. The LKA in Birmingham. Mango wins Best of Breed with a entry of 23 Hamiltons. His sun Sputnik wins Best puppy in Breed. Sputnik, and Lucy, both puppy's from Mango his first letter are qualified for the Crufts 2010.

Best of Breed.

Mango's daughter Lucy.

Best dog (Mango) Best bitch (Kaysa) Best puppy (Sputnik)

A special year is coming to an end. With Mango whe have visited a lot of country's. In all the country people say to us what a beautiful dog we own. Hans and Monica, Pam and Paul we can not thank you enough for this fantastic boy.

Next year we hope to have a lot of adventures with Mango and the beagleboy's. So come back on Mango's webblog in 2010 and read more stories about this fantastic Hamilton boy.

We wish everyone a happy new Year.

Tjeerd, Alinda, Jayson, Michael, Dylan and Mango.