1 time Best Puppy In Show
2 times Best In Show

5 times winning FCI Group 6 (The Hound Group)
regularly highly placed in FCI Group 6


WORLDWINNER '09/'10/'11/'12


2 Times Qualified for FCI Champions Of Champions 2011 in Brussel

Time for new adventures

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sunday morning walk

Walking with Mango again. Last week he went to the physio again. Today he walked better than last week.

Just like in the old days, A ditch with water then he has to go in.

Hi boss, I'll be right there

Wait for me boss.

It was a nice round together.

 Mango goes in the house and I go out with the beagles. Mango crawls up on the couch for hugs from Alinda.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Mango is getting old

 We now see Mango getting old quickly. Walking becomes slower and more difficult. He begins to see less. So really an old man. Out this morning alone with Mango. In the field he enjoyed his way. Not so fast anymore, but with a smile around his narrow snout.

Like a shadow Mango keeps following me.

Run again, just like before, only less quickly.

Happy on his own way.

His muscling is diminishing. His body collapses, he grows old. In February we hope to celebrate his 14th birthday.

Just a drink, enough water after all the rain.

Rest and time for some pictures.

Old wise man.

His nose still works well.

My buddy, it hurts me to see how his body can no longer do what was so normal a few years ago.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New year

 We wish you all a Happy New year. We are ready for 2022with the pack.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Mango his year 2021

 We are in the last days of the year. Time to look back on the past year. A difficult year. Corona still dominates our lives. Foreign trips were canceled. We lost our oldest beagle Michael and we also lose a great friend of Mango, Djane. But there were also many beautiful moments. Walked a lot. A few times on holiday in our own country.  Enjoyed the dogs. Here's an overview of Mango's year 2021


The month started cold. Frost and wind made it fresh. I often went walking in different groups. So there was often another friend with Mango

Snow fell. Mango got a winter coat to protect his old body. In the evening in the snow showers we went out for a walk.

And if it's still there during the day, we will of course go out again

But winter is not stable yet. The snow came quickly but was also quickly gone. The boys think it's fine, snow or no snow

Michael suddenly becomes ill. Mango is worried and stays close to him.

Winter is coming back. Moderate frost and clear blue skies make it cold outside.

Mango and Elwood are still each other's best friends

Old boy


Snow storms swept across the country. A cold gusty wind made it unpleasant outside. But Mango wanted to go out. So I put on his coat and out into the snow.


The snow lasted for almost 2 weeks. Every day was a party

The temperature went from -16 to +16 in 1 week. The snow was gone in no time.

Mango and Elwood's friendship is so special

Foggy days make for spooky pictures in the forest.


Out with little friend James

Mango is always happy with puppies. But James as a puppy has always been ignored. Now that James is older they are good friends


Boys from the North. Mango from Sweden, Odin from Denmark.

Out and about with the young men James and Donald

The whole pack and the boss outside in the sun.

Every evening a walk in the setting sun.

The boss and his dog.

The evening sun colors the coats of the boys

Sheepdog or the black sheep of the family.

I often use a dry ditch for photos. The result is always funny. What are you doing boss ?

Every walk in the evening light is enjoyable.

All together


Spring is coming, the prunus is blooming

Mango is in Holland for 13 years

We are going to visit Petra and Leo. The packs are back together.


Walking with Elwood

Relax in the garden.


The prince on the pea. All baskets on one heap.

With Donald

Old friend.

When I took this photo I didn't know it would be the last of the whole group.

Michael dies unexpectedly. 4 days before his 15th birthday. There is a lot of sadness.

The men stay near Michael's body, saying goodbye to their leader.

Mango is very sad. We see it in him.

On the day Michael would have turned 15, the group salutes him.

Sadness, you can see it in them.


Summer is coming, the nice weather is coming. The men begin to enjoy themselves again. Mango is more between the beagles than usual.

We're going to swimming therapy with Mango

In his bathrobe

Enjoy eachother

Garden fun

We receive a wonderful gift from Egeland. A recognition for all the good that Mango has done for the breed.

Proud boy.

More fun in the garden


The holiday month begins. The men are slowly getting ready for our holiday.

First we go to the physio with Mango. Just set everything right again.

Due to covid, our beagle event is canceled again this year. We are going camping for a week with friends. Mango was afraid he was being forgotten.

Mango had his own kennel at the campsite.

and his own bed.

Relax it's holiday

All the men together on the terrace of the holiday home.

It was a wonderful week.

After a week we go back home. But not much later we leave for another week of vacation. This time with the tent. And again Mango thinks we're forgetting him.

We were supposed to go to Denmark. But because of the covid we stayed in our own province.

It was hot, but luckily there was water to cool down.

Nice walks.

My tent boss !

It got cooler in the evening. The men enjoyed the long evenings outside.

Good morning Zuidlaarderveen.

Every day we took a different walk.

And every day I took a group photo of the men.

Happy old man. The walks are getting shorter, but it's still fun.

All boyfriends and girlfriends together.

And swim again.

Rest in the shade after a walk.

Lick the whipped cream.

After a week we go home again. Our vacation is over, we are back to work. The dogs can now recover from the holidays at home.


A month with little action, no big walks but just take it easy. The men especially enjoyed themselves in the garden.


Autumn is coming. The weather is still pleasant.

I take many walks with Mango again. Enjoying together.

Wise old man, enjoying his own way.

In the autumn sun, a friend in the autumn of his life.


The autumn colors and Mango is still a wonderful combination.

Hey boss, what are we going to do today.

Sleeping with James after a walk.

Enjoy the autumn together.


Boss and dog, a  unit

King of the forest.

Running free in the field


Autumn is coming to an end. The last leaves are falling from the trees. A few more days of beautiful weather.

Fog during the walk. The temperature drops. It is waiting for the winter. Going out with James.


We get the sad news that Mango's beagle friend Djane is very ill. Petra and Leo are letting her her go. In their younger years, Mango and Djane were often together. Racing on the coursing, playing in the garden. Djane turned 13 years and 1 month old... Rest in peace Djane we will miss you.......

A cold winter morning.

And so we start the last days of 2021. The Netherlands is in lock down again, Corona is not giving up yet. Despite everything, we are entering 2022 in good spirits. Mango's adventures continue, also here on the blog.

We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Alinda, Tjeerd
Mango and his beagle friends Dylan, Elwood, Odin, Donald and James