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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The year 2008

The end of 2008 is coming, so I take a look back from this Year. It was for us a special year with the coming of Mr Mango to our home. In an other topic a look back on a Year on the show with the Lord.

In March when whe visit the Crufts in the UK we got to learn, Pam Jones. Pam is a breeder of the HamiltonStövare in the UK. Petra her Hamilton( Faith) is also born by Pam. We have spoken with her for a little time and we loved her dogs.Later on in the day Petra came to us and said that Pam was trying to get a puppy from Sweden. But that puppy must go into quarrantaine. Maybe we could take care of that puppy for a short time. So we got back to Pam and talked with her about it. The Hamilton breed was a dog who Alinda loved her hole adultlive,so this could be a way to try if it is realy a dog for us. So we said to Pam that we would give mango a home untill the time came that he can go to the UK. This was the beginning of a fantastic time in oure lives.

On the 21th of March we see the first photo of Mr Mango, it looks like a fantastic little boy.

There was starting an exchange of mail between Sweden, The Uk and us. So we got to meet Mango's breeders, Hans and Monica Vallgren. By this way they could also learn about us.
At the end of April mango was havingg his last night in Sweden. Hans and Monica brought the little boy to the airport.

Mango's last night with his mother Milla.

At the day that Mango arrived in Holland Pam and her husband, Paul, were also here. They had stayed with Petra and Leo. Before we went to the airport, we were also going to Petra, where we meet Pam and Paul. Together with them we drove to Schiphol. The plane with Mango landed on time. But we must wait an hour before the plane was empty. An then there was the moment that Pam saw her new dog, a special moment.

Pam and Paul stayed for a few days with us and Mango. But there was coming a time that they must go back to home and leave Mango behind. That was a hard moment for Pam.

Pam and Paul flew home and we drove home with the little boy. From that moment we were taking care of a very special dog, who has changed oure lives. When Mango arrived he was smaller then Michael.

We saw him grow up from a little boy into a big boy. He has made a lot of friends in Holland and everyone likes him. We went to school with him, learned him the most importent commands and all in the Englisch language.
He played a lot with the beagles and they realy loved each other.

When our beagle puppy Dylan was coming Mango got a new friend for live.

We did a lot of things with Mr Mango. We always take him with us, where ever we go. Even when we went to a dog show. Arnhem was the first show where mango was. This time only as a visitor. But his time in the show ring will come.

When we visit Petra we took Mango with us. So he can play with his 'sister' Faith.

In Juni Mango had his first show. It was going fantastic. Very promissing Best baby in breed and 3d baby in show. In another topic I give al Mango's show results of this year.

In July Mango's breeders from Sweden, Hans, Monica and Miranda, are coming to us and spend some time with their little boy, Mr Mango. It was a lovely time with them here in Holland.

Mango likes all the beagles here in the house. But his biggest friend is still
Dylan. They do everything together, play and sleep.

In September we have made a walk with beagle friends in the forrest of Grolloo.

Mango between his beagle friends.

In october there was bad situations in the family so we could not do a lot with the boys.

In November we went to Venlo here was a walk from the beagleclub of the netherlands. We have made a walk with 40 beagles and a Hamilton. Moira has made a beatiful photo of me and my friend.

At the end of November Pam was coming to holland to meet Mango again. It was a very special moment for here. Mango has also played a lot with the Foxhounds of Rosemary Griffiths and the beagles and Hamilton of Petra.

Long time no see.

In November and december it was also the first time ever for Mango in the snow. I always made a lot of walks with him in the field. He likes it. In December we made long walks together in the fields near Westerbork. It is a lovely time for us.

This was a part of the adventures from us and Mango in this year. Special thanks to Paul and Pam for the fantastic time we had with Mango. Also thanks to Hans, Monica and Milla for this fantastic Hamilton boy.

We wish every one a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

Lovely story of your year with Mango, the Lord.

Wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year
Monica, Hans and Milla

Anonymous said...

THANK are all fantastic..all that you have done for Mango, has been one of a true friend...there are lots more exciting times to come, I promise ;)..Loads of love and hugs to you both.

Pam and Paul xx

Anonymous said...

A lovely story about this sweet and handsome boy MANGO !
We all love the Lord.
See you on Sunday.
Nel and the Hammies